Geographic Information System

Introduction of G. P. S. and G. I. S. (Geographic Information System) have been of great use for the Municipality in Planning and execution of Development works by providing a sound database in almost all aspects of the Municipalit. Preparation of Ward-wise maps including roads, drains, pipelines, service lines, sociological data, etc. enables the Municipality to get and disseminate information in a jiffy. It is also helping in administration-citizen relationship in various ways. With the help of G. P. S. the Municipality has been able to draw base map and progressive land use maps from 1900 AD up to 2007 AD.

Various Maps
Ward No 1 Ward No 2 Ward No 3 Ward No 4 Ward No 5
Ward No 6 Ward No 7 Ward No 8 Ward No 9 Ward No 10
Ward No 11 Ward No 12 Ward No 13 Ward No 14 Ward No 15
Ward No 16 Ward No 17 Ward No 18 Ward No 19 Ward No 20
Ward No 21 Ward No 22 Ward No 23 Ward No 24 Land Used in 04-05
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